Firefighters tackle blaze after barbecue was left against a garage

Firefighters warn not to have barbecues
Firefighters warn not to have barbecues

FIREFIGHTERS warn residents not to have barbecues after fire in Benfleet.

Crews were called to a fire affecting a garage in Kingfisher Drive, South Benfleet last night.

On arrival, firefighters confirmed that a barbecue had been propped up against the garage, and the windowsill and guttering were alight.

Crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire by 10:07pm, due to the neighbours quick response.

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Dan Evison, watch manager at Rayleigh Fire Station, said: “We’ve seen a number of fires caused by barbecues across the county in the last few weeks and this incident is a prime example of how easily they can happen.

“Fortunately, neighbours quickly noticed the fire and called 999, so the damage in this instance was minimal but it could have been a very different story.

“While the hot weather continues, the risk of fires starting is high. Please don’t have barbecues or bonfires and opt for a fire-free option instead.”