Firefighters Tend to Pig Found Wandering in New South Wales Bushfire Zone

Firefighters tended to a stray pig found wandering in the bushfire zone in northern New South Wales on November 14.

The eastern states of Australia have been devastated in week-long fires, which in many areas have burned out of control through thousands of hectares of forests and farmland. Four people have been killed as a result of the blazes.

Animal rescue organisations have been inundated with injured wildlife such as koalas and possums following the bushfires.

In this video, crew from the Fire and Rescue NSW station in Woolgoolga, north of Coffs Harbour, feed a stray pig found close to nearby Glenreagh.

“She was no koala but we helped her anyway,” the crew wrote in their Facebook post.

Sandy Winton, the station’s deputy captain, told Storyful the crew came across the pig near her pen, which had been destroyed in the fire. The owner arrived while the fire crew and a second from Sawtell were on hand.

“She really did give us more in return than we did her, she stood up and raised our spirits,” he said. Credit: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 507 Woolgoolga via Storyful