Firemen remove huge python from family's SUV parked outside home

Firemen removed a huge python from a family's car that slithered into the engine while it was parked outside their home.The snake was discovered when its tail was seen dangling down from under the front bumper in Bangkok, Thailand on February 7.Wildlife handlers rushed to the property to remove the deadly 10ft-long serpent that had already slithered deep into the vehicle.Footage shows the firemen wearing gloves and masks as they lured the creature out. The team members pulled the creature's tail until it was totally out of the car.Resident Basza Pheukthet said: ‘Normally I only see this kind of thing in the news. I didn't know what to do when it happened to me.‘I first thought of going to the mechanic but realised I couldn't drive with the snake still inside. So I just called the emergency team instead.'The animal rescue officers said the python might have been looking for a cool place to shelter as the hot summer started.The python was turned over to wildlife officers and later released back to its habitat.The reticulated python is found throughout Southeast Asia, where they live in forests, swamps, canals and even in cities, causing them to come into conflict with humans. The species is one of the world's largest snakes and can eat humans, cats, dogs, birds, rats and other snakes.