Fires devastate forests and houses in Argentina, 40 people missing

Fierce forest fires in Argentina have left 40 people missing and several injured. In Patagonia, forest fires have spread throughout the so-called "42nd parallel region", a strip of about one hundred kilometers traveled by Route 40 from Epuyén and Lago Puelo, in Chubut, to El Bolsón, in Río Black. Reportedly of the missing families, twelve are from El Hoyo and belong to two families that live on the slopes of the hills. In addition to the missing, there are two people hospitalized with serious burns. A woman in her 40s who was transferred from El Hoyo to Bariloche; and a 50-year-old man admitted to the El Maitén hospital. Another 20 people, from different locations, are also injured, with burns and respiratory problems due to inhaled smoke.