This Surreal Video Of A Firetruck Spinning Out Of Control On Ice In St. Louis Is About To Go Mega Viral

Winter weather has been brutal in the US lately.

A snow-covered staircase
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From "snownados" in Colorado... GIANT snowbanks in Nebraska.

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We can't catch a dang break!

A man holding his phone next to snow
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There was a bad ice storm in St. Louis yesterday, and some of the videos coming out of there are pretty wild.

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One in particular of a firetruck spinning out of control is going viral:

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It's genuinely terrifying.

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These people captured it from another angle:

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As this meteorologist said, "Doesn't take much ice to really mess things up."

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Thankfully, it appears no one was hurt, and only a car was damaged.

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Either way, be safe out there!