Firework explosion kills one during New Year celebrations in Thailand

This is the moment a firework exploded in a Brit's face killing him during the New Year celebrations in Pattaya, Thailand.

Gary McLaren, 50, lit the huge rocket in front of the Miami A Gogo bar while revellers were celebrating the New Year.

But after trying unsuccessfully to ignite the device, Gary tried a second time and finally lit the fuse.

But with smoke pouring from the device, he then made the fatal mistake of returning to lit firework because he was not sure it was working.

Seconds later as Gary stood over the 50cm long tube it exploded into his face and killed him.

A bar worker said she recorded Gary walking out of the bar to launch the fireworks.

She then shouted at him in dialect ''no, no, no, no, you can't do that'' before walking out to him.

But Gary stayed next to the pyrotechnic device, which then exploded.

Nopparat Munprom, 31, said: ''I stood outside the bar to watch the man releasing the fireworks.

''I saw that the firework was lit but the man did not move. He stayed looking at it.

''I said in Thai 'the firework is working already, you have to move' then I shouted 'no, no, no, no, you can't do that' and started to walk out.

''Then the firework exploded in his face because he did not move and the colourful sparks came out in the street.

''Everybody ran over to check on the man and he had blood on his face.

''Last year people were doing this with small fireworks but this year they were much bigger and stronger.''