Firm fined for dumping waste at supermarket fly-tipping hotspot

Chippenham business fined over £1,000 for fly-tipping <i>(Image: Wiltshire Council)</i>
Chippenham business fined over £1,000 for fly-tipping (Image: Wiltshire Council)

A Wiltshire business has been fined £1,400 for using a supermarket car park to dump waste.

Wiltshire Council officers found waste relating to the business on two separate occasions at Sainsbury’s car park in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Waste had been dumped next to recycling bins and directly under signs warning about fly-tipping and the possible consequences.

The business, which can’t be named for legal reasons, was issued with two £400 FPNs for fly-tipping, a £300 fine for transporting waste without a licence and a £300 fine for failing to produce waste transfer notes.

The car park is a known hot-spot for fly-tipping in the area, especially over the Christmas period, and this has prompted complaints from local residents and businesses.

While the site is owned by Wiltshire Council, it is leased to Sainsbury’s, which maintain the responsibility of clearing any fly-tipped waste and litter in the car park.

Cabinet member for transport, street scene and flooding Caroline Thomas said: “There has been an unacceptable amount of waste left at this location, despite signs warning of the consequences.

“Leaving items next to the recycling banks is not acceptable; this litter often ends up being blown around and is detrimental to the local environment, which has led to complaints from local residents and businesses.

“It is important that all businesses take responsibility for the waste they produce as part of their business activity.

“All businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that their commercial waste is stored, transported and disposed of correctly and in line with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

“As per our Business Plan, we take fly-tipping very seriously and we are committed to pursuing those who fly-tip across Wiltshire and where we have evidence, we will pursue prosecutions.”

The council accepted that much of the waste found deposited did not originate from the business and investigations are still ongoing into the other offenders.

People are asked to report fly tipping using the My Wiltshire app or using this website.

Duty of care starts from when waste is created up until its transfer to an authorised waste contractor.

Commercial waste must be stored appropriately, securely and protected from the weather, vermin, vandalism, theft and accidental damage.

It must also be transported correctly by a registered and authorised waste contractor.

It should be disposed of in the correct place or passed on to a registered and authorised waste contractor for disposal at a licensed facility.