Danish firms warn supply chain issues will continue 'into new year'

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Firms in Denmark have been grappling with product supply problems.

As economies opened up after the coronavirus lockdowns demand surged and that has combined with transport delays to causes the issues.

On a normal basis, IKEA Denmark receives 45 trucks of products a day. Now that number is down to 35 some days.

"Global supply chains are under enormous pressure," said IKEA Denmark’s head of logistics, Peter Langskov.

"Products need to be transported and demand is high. Of course, we feel that as well."

Langskov says the firm is looking for alternatives to container ships.

"We have tried to establish a rail connection from Asia to Europe so that we can use trains for transport. We have also tried to lease container ships and bought empty ships. But they also have to be brought back, and that's a problem," he added.

The shortage doesn't just affect the home furnishings sector, according to the vice-president of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Peter Thagesen.

"It is a way bigger issue," he said. "All businesses are struggling to get products and there is no sign of improvement right now. So, this is also something we expect will continue way into the new year."

Denmark's consumers have also been noticing the effects.

"Many things I wanted to buy were not in the store," said customer Stine Krath.

Signe Lindenhann Møller, another IKEA customer, said that she came with a long list of Christmas wishes for her sister, but was only able to find three items out of 12.

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