Firms Not Ready For Olympic 'Transport Chaos'

Firms Not Ready For Olympic 'Transport Chaos'

Only a fraction of businesses have made contingency plans to avoid possible commuting and delivery chaos during the Olympic Games, a new poll has suggested.

Global Action Plan (GAP), a UN-endorsed environmental charity that works with businesses, has warned that with just days to go only 20% of businesses are prepared.

The Populus poll commissioned by GAP also found that only 13% of workers say their firms have sought alternative business travel.

For those in London, 75% said no plans were in place to help them avoid the expected commuting chaos on the capital's already crowded transport system.

GAP has launched a charter to help businesses rethink the way they operate during the Games and beyond.

It said the expected Olympic disruption provides an opportunity for businesses to increase productivity, cut costs and reduce damage to the environment.

In 2000 during the Sydney Olympic Games some 24% of workers altered their working hours and more than a fifth worked remotely.

This year London expects around 5.3 million visitors and 855,000 games-related journeys, however employers and employees alike remain unclear how they will cope.

GAP boss Trewin Restorick said: "UK businesses spend £17.5bn per year on business travel, and that’s escalating all the time, as is the carbon this results in.

"There are better ways of doing business that can boost productivity, motivate employees and lower carbon emissions.

"For example, flexible working allows people to cut down on carbon heavy commutes which are not always necessary every single day of the week."

Mr Restorick added: "Our charter for business makes practical recommendations that can be easily implemented.

"It’s a win-win situation for both employers and employees, changing work and travel patterns for good, with the potential to leave a meaningful green Olympic legacy."

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