First 2020 Toyota Supra rolls off the assembly line in Austria (Anthony Karr)
2020 Toyota Supra production start

But no - you can't buy it.

It’s probably safe to assume Toyota is enjoying a customer interest in the new Supra bigger than it initially expected. The revived sports car is already sold out for the entire year in Europe and the automaker will soon begin accepting orders for 2020. All this means it’s about time for the Supra to go into production and that’s exactly what happened in early March.

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Toyota has confirmed with an official press release that the two-door coupe is now on the assembly lines at Magna Steyr’s Graz plant in Austria. The first example to roll off the production line is a phantom matte grey Supra with VIN 20201 where “2020” marks the model year and “1” shows it’s the very first production model.

First Production 2020 Toyota Supra Sold At Auction

If this sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the car that was auctioned during the 48th Annual Barrett-Jackson Auction at West World Scottsdale in Arizona earlier this year. It fetched £1.63 million with all proceeds going to support the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF).

First Production 2020 Toyota Supra Sold At Auction

"Without the support of all the various people and parties related to the Supra, this day could not have come true,” Tetsuya Tada, Toyota Supra chief engineer, commented. “Partnerships come in many forms, and our partnership with BMW has been a new experience for both of our companies. We appreciate the enthusiasm and aspiration of everyone that has helped Supra become one of the most anticipated and exciting cars coming out this year. Thanks to you, I am proud to say that Supra has turned out to be a very exciting car.”

At the same factory in Graz, Magna Steyr is also building the new BMW Z4 which shares its underpinnings with the Supra. To ensure the production lines are ready and tuned properly for the assembly process of the Supra, engineers from the Japanese company travelled to the plant several times to perform quality inspections.