First Dates Star Shares Details Of Night With Idris Elba

One of the singles from Channel 4′s hit show ‘First Dates’ has shared details of a night she shared with Idris Elba days after he split from long-term girlfriend Naiyana Garth.

Elle Bretagne claims she had ‘no idea Idris was a really famous TV and movie star’ when he came to her home to meet her with her friend, who he’d met on a night out. This reportedly happened on the same night as the British Film Awards.


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Recalling what happened on the night, Elle told the Daily Star: “I was fast asleep when I woke up to my friend saying she’d brought Idris Elba round to meet me. I said ‘who’ as I’d never heard of him. I was groggy and confused and had no clothes on.

“All of a sudden my bedroom door burst open and there he was. He kept apologising for just turning up. He sat on my bed and started talking to me, but I had to ask him to move because he was leaning on my boob.”

Elle added that Idris spoke about splitting from his girlfriend, which was confirmed a few days later, explaining: “I asked why they couldn’t work it out and he said that it was complicated. I felt a bit sorry for him, he seemed genuinely upset and like he needed a shoulder to cry on.”


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The ‘First Dates’ star continued: “Idris kept trying to pull me on to his lap and kiss me. He was being incredibly flirty and was making it clear he wanted something more than hugs.

“At one point he was putting on this low gravelly voice and was saying women found it sexy. He was doing it and nuzzling into my neck and kissing me, but it sounded more like he was growling.

“It was obviously one of his best pulling techniques and I’m sure it’s worked on lots of women, but to me it just felt a bit awkward.”

At 4am, Elle says she called it a night, claiming Idris ‘asked if he could come with me and tuck me in’, to which she apparently replied saying ‘only if he behaved’.


Idris and Naiyana. Copyright [Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company]

“He followed me into the bedroom and started to strip to his boxers. He had a great body but if I’m honest I didn’t really fancy him,” she recalled, adding: “He had wandering hands and tried to have a feel of my boobs, but I kept slapping his hand away.

“He still had his socks on at this point and he asked if he could take them off as he liked the feel of feet touching, which was a bit strange.”

Though Idris told Elle she was a ‘special girl’ and gave her his phone number, he apparently did not reply to her text a few days later.