First ‘healthy’ white bread could go on sale thanks to British scientists

Rob Waugh
Could a healthier white loaf be on the way? (Rex)

For most of us, white bread is a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed occasionally in the form of a burger bun or ham sandwich.

White bread is far worse for people, due to starches which are quickly digested, leading to spikes in blood sugar – and which contribute to obesity.

But scientists at the Quadram Institute in Norwich hope to create a new kind of white bread, with starches which are much less easy to digest.

The researchers believe that healthier white bread can be created via plant breeding, rather than genetic engineering.


The Quadram Institute’s Professor Richard Mithen said, ‘Hopefully it would be as delicious and have the texture you wanted normal bread to be, there wouldn’t be any taste difference.

‘But it will reduce this big increase in glucose after you eat, it would fill you up, it would say ok, you’ve had a sandwich for lunch that’s enough, you don’t need anything else,.

‘And those starches which go down to the lower gut they ferment those sugars to produce short-chain fatty acids and it’s widely thought those are very beneficial to gut health. So we can make that change and there are three consequences which all have health benefits.’