First look at Denzel Washington in The Equalizer

Star is playing Edward Woodward's iconic vigilante.

Denzel... first look at The Equalizer (Copyright: Sony)

He's missing a long camel overcoat, but nevertheless Denzel Washington will be the new incarnation of Robert McCall from 'The Equalizer'.

This is the first look at Washington playing the role made iconic by British actor Edward Woodward in the 80s series.

In it, Woodward was a former secret service type cleaning up the city crime-by-crime in 80s New York via an ad in the classifieds section.

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Washington will be updating the plot, playing McCall as a former covert operations expert who is atoning for a dark past by helping others.

According to reports, he is 'a solitary, monastic figure who hates injustice'.

Plot-wise, he encounters Chloe Grace Moretz's teenage prostitute, thought to be similar to Jodie Foster's character in 'Taxi Driver', who needs help from McCall.

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Melissa Leo will play McCall's former handler from his secret service days, and Marton Csokas is the film's villain, a fixer from the Russian mafia.

It will see Washington reunited with director Antoine Fuqua, with whom Denzel won himself the Best Actor Oscar for 2001's 'Training Day'.

Previous directors linked to the film included 'Drive's Nicolas Winding Refn and Rupert Wyatt.

It's due out on October 10, 2014.