First sex robots are almost ready to ship (with some surprising new abilities)

Rob Waugh
Behind the new trend taking the sex industry by storm. Instagram/realbotix

The highly publicised ‘Harmony’ sex robot is almost ready to ship to buyers, her maker has revealed.

Sex robot creator Matt McMullen has revealed that this company are putting finishing touches to how Harmony will respond in the bedroom.

It’s all driven by a motion sensor inside the robot’s head, which will detect the movements of sex, and respond with appropriate noises and encouragement.

McMullen told doll enthusiast ‘Brick Dollbanger’ that fully functioning robot heads will ship after the end of August.

McMullen said, ‘The app will talk to the headboard, with the sensory input for the robot, which is being able to detect movement and motion.

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‘She can tell when she’s laying down, and when she’s shimmying and shaking, and respond with noises. [She will be] able to deliver a truly mind-blowing experience when it comes to intimacy.

‘We’re looking at the end of August when we can deliver this – being able to get expressions and sounds out of the robot.’