'We'll never get rid of it': Queen's Arms in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, gets memorial mural

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The Queen's Arms is one of the most popular pub names in England, but the one in the town of Audenshaw in Greater Manchester now stands out from the rest.

A captivating memorial portrait of the Queen now adorns the wall of the pub.

It seems crass to call it a mural, but its creator Scott Wilcock said it is just that - a work of art created in public, for the public to enjoy.

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"I call it a wall mural, that I've created with airbrushes," he said.

Mr Wilcock said he has painted the Queen before.

"For the Platinum Jubilee I created seven portraits in towns across the country, and that was to mark a really joyous event," he said.

"This is the first time I've been so emotional painting the Queen.

"It started like any other portrait, but hearing and reading tributes to the Queen as I was painting it, I realised how important she is to all of us.

"I hope this can be a fitting tribute that people will enjoy."

Cara Campbell, general manager of the Queen's Arms, said: "We are named after her and so we obviously felt we needed to do some kind of memorial for her.

"I think the local people here would be disappointed if we hadn't. This has exceeded all our expectations. It's perfect, and we'll never get rid of it."

For Mr Wilcock, who is from Wigan, the portrait is also a tribute to his grandmother, Iris.

Iris was born in the same year as the Queen, she married in the same year, and sadly passed away this year too, aged 96.

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"All the time I was painting it, I thought of my nan," says Scott.

"And all of the things she used to say about the royals, who she loved."

But when asked if he plans to paint a similar mural for his nan, the answer is no.

"That would be just too emotional," he said.