People Are Reacting To "Project 2025" — Far Right Conservatives' Plan For The Future, And They're Not Holding Back

People Are Reacting To "Project 2025" — Far Right Conservatives' Plan For The Future, And They're Not Holding Back

A recent BuzzFeed post about Project 2025 — a far-right plan for next year if a conservative is elected president — received hundreds of comments from people expressing their thoughts on the unprecedented policy proposals.

Donald Trump

Here are 15 brutally honest reactions to Project 2025:

1."For me, the scarier part is the plan to wildly expand the powers of the president. It also places ALL government agencies, including DOJ, under direct presidential control. It couldn't be clearer that they're planning for a dictatorship."


2."I found out about Project 2025 through the middle schoolers at my school. The fact that 10–14-year-olds are aware of this movement and trying to stop it by making others aware of its impact on their future gives me some hope."

"Yes, they can't vote yet, but you would be amazed at how much information they can get about it on social media, like, say, TikTok? No wonder conservatives want TikTok banned. Getting information out about heinous stuff like this scares the crap out of them."


3."I haven't always agreed with everything the Democratic side has done, but it is way better than Project 2025. The left has established these policies because we need them. If we let states do their own thing, they would do what Florida did and tell students slavery 'benefitted Black people.'"


4."Project 2025 is awful and terrifying. That said, I've talked to a bunch of people (including some who are somehow voting for Trump), and not a single one supports any of this."

"I really believe that the craziest stuff spouted is only supported by a very, very vocal minority and that none of it would ever have a chance at becoming reality. That's not to say that everyone (especially those on the right who don't support this insanity) doesn't need to be equally vocal about their disapproval — we all definitely do."


5."This is the first time I've actually felt genuinely scared for this country, and somehow, I still feel lucky, thinking about the number of people who are scared every single day. I am a straight, white, American woman, but that doesn't mean I want this version of America that Trump wants. I want a place where everybody can feel safe, no matter who they love, what color skin they have, or whether they decide to have a baby or not."

"We're all just scared. We're scared because of these people who try to take away our freedom and don't understand what some people in this country have to feel every single day, and that is what makes me fall apart. A true Christian knows this is NOT the kind of country God wants us to live in."


6."This makes me so glad I removed my tubes when I had my last baby five months ago. These far-right people are absolutely unhinged. It's wild to me that they think they're so patriotic, but I am certain the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves."


7."TikTok is where I learned of Project 2025 months ago. I'm glad more people are finally learning about it. It's terrifying. I'm 50 years old, and I have learned more from TikTok than any other source out there. That is EXACTLY why they want it banned."


8."It's like they read The Handmaid's Tale and decided it was a great training manual."

Kim Kardashian, another notable name, and two unidentified women wear red cloaks and white bonnets, reminiscent of outfits from "The Handmaid's Tale," standing solemnly

9."As a former service member, I am against all of this bonkers garbage."


10."So, no birth control? Then NO Viagra. Or how about no sex? Women step up, WE HOLD THE POWER. No sex, no births, and no babies AT ALL will take a bite out of everything 20 years down the road. Who would want to bring children into a Project 25 world anyway? Who would want to live in a Project 25 world?"


11."This is how books like The Handmaid's Tale turn into reality. Vote Biden, not RFK Jr. or some other third-party candidate; this year, more than any other, it is crucial to vote Democrat regardless of your feelings on Biden. He may be old, but at least he believes in democracy, equality, and protecting the environment for future generations, and he listens to his advisors."

"If Trump wins, there is no coming back from the damage he will cause, and millions of people will be harmed; he will make America worse for anyone who isn't a white Christian man, and that is not great."


12."While this is terrifying, there are several fail-safes in place to prevent 90% of this from happening. One of those fail-safes is SCOTUS, so voting blue would be a smart idea."


13."Please have some perspective and engage in discourse with your friends about what we will be sacrificing as a nation by submitting a protest vote or by not voting at all. This is just the beginning. We also have two Supreme Court justices flirting with retirement. We cannot have Trump responsible for appointing five Justices. It would be unprecedented. So please, I'm begging you, vote blue."


14."It's time to tell the GOP we want no part of their un-American Christian National Sharia Law! Because that is EXACTLY what Project 2025 is: using law to force religious obedience."


And finally...

15."If Project 2025 becomes a reality, I'm never visiting the States again. Too scary!"


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Responses have been edited for length/clarity.