First Woman in World to Receive COVID Vaccine Reflects on Historic Day

Maggie Keenan, who was the first person to receive an approved COVID-19 vaccine in December, said it was “the best thing she’s ever done” during a video call with the UK’s National Health Service chief executive Simon Stevens published on April 22.

The 91-year-old encouraged people to have the vaccine during the call, where she was reunited with matron May Parsons, who delivered her first vaccine.

In the video it is revealed that Keenan is now fully vaccinated, having received her second dose, and she said she is now looking forward to “a little holiday”.

When asked about the famous vaccination, Parsons said: “vaccinating Maggie was a little spark of light the midst of the darkness, and now I feel like the dawn is coming. It’s almost unbelievable that we’ve managed to roll out the vaccine so successfully.” Credit: NHS England via Storyful