Fisherman Has Close Encounter With Strong Waterspout Off Pensacola Pass, Florida

A fisherman had a close encounter with a spinning waterspout off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, on June 5.

William Pitts filmed this video that shows the waterspout twirling on the water’s surface. “That’s definitely the best waterspout I have ever seen. Making landfall right now,” Pitts said in the video.

The National Weather Service issued a special marine warning for Pensacola, as scattered showers and storms were also recorded near the area on Sunday. Credit: William Pitts via Storyful

Video transcript

- It's getting farther away.

WILLIAM PITTS: Yeah, thankfully.

- It's getting on the land.


- I was never expecting a tornado to come.

WILLIAM PITTS: Me either. Have you ever seen a tornado before?

- Not in person.

WILLIAM PITTS: Me either. Seen lots of water spouts, but I think we're about to see a tornado. That is definitely the best waterspout I've ever seen. It's making landfall right now.

- It's going away!

WILLIAM PITTS: Yeah, it's going over land now. Definitely got weaker. Uh-oh, maybe not.


WILLIAM PITTS: Debris from a building over there. I don't know if this phone video I'm taking sucks. I'm shaking.

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