Fisherman Records Rare Great White Shark Sighting Off Key Biscayne

A fisherman captured video of a rare encounter with a great white shark in the waters off Key Biscayne, Florida, on December 23.

Captain Quinton Dieterle of Cutting Edge Fishing shot the video while boasting with fellow fishermen. He told Storyful the shark, which was reportedly around 20 feet long, swam near their boat which was anchored in 15 feet of water.

“It is the biggest shark I’ve seen. The seas were calm and we followed it for 20 minutes,” said Dieterle.

Zoo Miami communications director Ron Magill told 7News Miami waters it is very rare to spot a great white in Miami. He speculated the shark was likely passing through the area as the seasons change during winter. The shark was reportedly around 20 feet long. Credit: Cutting Edge Fishing/ Quinton Dieterle via Storyful

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