Fishing Couple Spot Snake Swimming Off New South Wales Shore

A couple fishing off Trial Bay Beach in New South Wales couldn’t quite believe it when a swimming snake passed their boat recently.

Amy-Lee Hunt said that they were coming back towards the shore on September 12 when they saw what she initially believed to be a large stick. She told Storyful: “I quickly realized it was a big snake. ‘Snake season’ is only just starting, so I was definitely not expecting to see this type of snake, let alone in the water.”

Hunt said that the snake was a “really fast swimmer,” adding that the reptile lifted its head off the water as the couple approached.

“I thought it was going to launch into the boat,” she said. “It was incredible to see the strength to raise its head so high off the water, and also how fast it swam.”

Hunt said that the snake, which she identified as a highly venomous eastern brown, quickly disappeared into the distance. Credit: Amy-Lee Hunt via Storyful

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