Fishy caper tickles trainee court staff pink

Emily Pennink, PA Old Bailey Correspondent
·1-min read

Handling a salmon in “suspicious circumstances” has left trainee court staff tickled pink at the Old Bailey.

The fishy caper was the subject of a mock trial staged at the Central Criminal Court on Thursday.

A made-up defendant, Paul Carp, was charged with handling a salmon in suspicious circumstances.

The alleged offence was said to have taken place on January 15 at Fishpond Lock, Sutton, Surrey.

The mock-up jury netted the culprit in a fishy case at the Old Bailey (Nick Ansell/PA)
The mock-up jury caught the culprit hook, line and sinker in a fishy case at the Old Bailey (Nick Ansell/PA)

Carp denied the offence but was found guilty by the mock-up jury made of up ushers and clerks.

The exercise was laid on in Court 10 of the Old Bailey as part of practical training for new staff.

While the case was entirely made up, the obscure offence, contrary to section 32 of the Salmon Act 1986, is genuine.