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    If she is "paralysed from the neck down" then who is that walking through the water moving her arms?
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    V for Vendetta
    This story/article insults all those people with serious spinal issues who really are suffering from the neural issues caused. She isn't paralysed from the neck down so whoever wrote this "piece" please retract each and every word!
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    This is Yahpoo after all ! There are No Journalists at Yahpoo, only semi-educated (Bush School) scribblers.
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    I was paralysed from the neck down after a riding accident. I am incomplete C4/5 and the feelings in my body slowly returned and with the brilliant help of Stoke Mandeville,there 9 months,I learnt to stand,walk slowly short distances with my two sticks and now several years later I use a wheelchair for distances ,get a lot of pain but can still walk about the house. I was lucky,if I had been complete,with an actual break instead of severe damage to the spinal cord.I would never have waked again.
    This article makes a mockery of spinal injury,because it doesn`t work like that.Just ask the thousands confined to wheelchairs with a spinal injury break. This girl is supposed to have had that. I think not.
    Yahoo should not print ridiculous rubbish like that,it shows the girl skipping for Christ sake. No way was she seriously spinally injured.
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    Inverted sit ups - what the he'll was she doing this seriously dangerous exercise for-no resent instructor should be demonstrating this type of exercise.
  • M
    So much for keeping fit...
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    Coming up next; book, then movie; attention seeking madame.
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    Ricky Indo
    This is very confusing - I read almost exactly the same story 1 year ago and then 1 week ago, where they said the woman had against all odds beaten predictions, and was now almost fully recovered, walking again, and back down the gym.

    I think the journalists just comb other media for their stories, and dont even get the updated versions.
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    This is old news as it happened last year and has already been on her at least three times already!
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    My God it's Sunday. She just reminded me I need to crack one off.