The five best Yorkshire beaches for wheelchairs and buggies

South Bay, Scarborough
-Credit: (Image: Peter Harbour)

Yorkshire boasts a stunning 90-mile coastline, stretching from the simple sand dunes of Spurn to the rugged cliffs of Cleveland.

However, not all of these beaches are easily accessible, with some nestled at the bottom of steep, uneven paths - a particular challenge for those with mobility issues or pushing a baby buggy. To help navigate this, we've put together a handy guide to Yorkshire's most wheelchair-accessible beaches.

We've considered factors such as disabled parking and toilets, as well as proximity to shops and other amenities. We've also aimed to include a mix of bustling and tranquil beaches to suit all preferences.

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Please note, however, that the more developed areas tend to be the most disability-friendly, reports Yorkshire Live.

Here are five of the best, listed in alphabetical order:


The quintessential northern seaside resort of Bridlington is divided between the lively North Beach, filled with amusement arcades and rides, and the quieter South Beach.

Both are suitable for wheelchairs and buggies, but the latter is particularly disability-friendly. It offers disabled parking on the north ramp leading to the Spa, a Changing Places disabled toilet, and ramps down to the beach.

There's even the option to hire special beach wheelchairs, some of which can float in the sea. While less developed than North Beach, South Beach still offers plenty of activity, with cafes, chip shops and pubs near the town centre.


This quaint town strikes a perfect balance between bustling and tranquil. The most accessible entrance to the beach is via Cobble Landing. Here, you'll find disabled parking bays and a disabled toilet, as well as a snack bar, bistro and ice cream parlour along the seafront.

Street parking is available near the ramp entrance at the junction of Cargate Hill and The Beach Road, although it's not specifically for disabled users. Public toilets and a snack bar are also conveniently located next to the ramp.

Flamborough (South Landing)

Flamborough South Landing
Flamborough South Landing -Credit:Flickr/David Incoll

Just four miles north of Bridlington lies this untouched pebble and shingle beach, one of Yorkshire's more disability-friendly quiet beaches.

There's some unofficial-looking general parking opposite the RNLI station. From here, it's just a short distance down the tarmac to the beach, though navigating a shingle and pebble beach on wheels can be challenging.

While beach facilities are limited, there are toilets and a proper car park at the Living Sea Centre, just 250 metres from the beach.


Located three miles south of Redcar, this pristine sandy beach is an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway.

A car park with toilets is available on Coast Road, but the path from the car park to the beach isn't particularly wheelchair-friendly. Instead, there's a road leading down to the sands from High Street, which offers limited street parking.

There are no facilities at or near the beach. The nearest amenities can be found in the village itself.


Scarborough, a quintessential northern British seaside resort, boasts two bays: the lively South Bay and the quieter, less developed North Bay. The seafront of Scarborough is accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs, with a 3.5-mile tarmacked path tracing the coastline.

There are ramps leading down to the beach and limited disabled parking available at The Spa and The Esplanade, adjacent to the Cliff Lift. Facilities and toilets are readily available in both bays.

Bridlington beach -Credit:Katie Pugh