Five Clues Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Marriage Wouldn’t Last

Say it isn't so. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are said to be divorcing. The news is sure to rock Hollywood. So be prepared to see the headlines flooded with all sorts of commentary on their whirlwind romance. In the meanwhile, some are perhaps not surprised by the news. You can never really predict where a Hollywood couple is headed; but sometimes there are clues that all isn't golden.

Clue #1: The Age Difference

While Hollywood is filled with May/December romances, Cruise and Holmes' 16 year age difference raised eyebrows for several different reasons. It was hard for some to accept that Cruise had fallen for the teen star of "Dawson's Creek." And although Holmes' hit series had long ended, it was difficult to imagine that he'd fallen so hard (even proposing to her at the Eiffel Tower) so quickly--for someone so much younger. Red flags were further raised as the world watched Katie morph into Kate, the elegantly trimmed and bobbed celebrity housewife. Some would say she aged before our very eyes.

Clue #2: The rumors…

Buzz has existed for quite awhile that Katie was growing weary of Tom's controlling tendencies. It would seem that his passion for doting on the young actress was matched by his desire to manipulate almost every aspect of their being. In 2009, sources reported that the "Ice Storm" star was having trouble swallowing some of the Scientologist's controlling ways. These issues again rose in 2010, with tabloids frequently catching the actress looking sullen and tired.

Clue #3: The Celebrity Five-Year Itch

There seems to be something quite daunting about that five-year mark where it regards being married in Hollywood. For one reason or another, it seems to be around this time that the real problems start to rear their ugly heads. Filming schedules cause tension, couples get bored, rumors start flying, and so forth. Maybe it takes a good five years for marital troubles to emerge from all that glitz and glamour.

Clue #4: The Yellow Couch Incident

The world is forever plagued with the memory of Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey's couch. Excitement over a new love is normal. But in the eyes of many, there was nothing "normal" about this particular declaration for Holmes.

Clue #5: "Rock of Ages"

Is it a coincidence that news of Cruise's divorce comes on the heels his latest film, "Rock of Ages"? Although the movie didn't garner the type of success as was expected, Tom's performance (and look) in it have been a big deal for quite a while. This isn't the first time that the movie mogul has courted divorce in the face of a really big Hollywood film. On the heels of "Born on the 4th of July" in 1989, he and spouse Mimi Rogers were headed for divorce. In 2001, both Nicole Kidman and Cruise released big films ("The Others" and "Vanilla Sky" respectively).

It's just a thought…

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