Five cool gadgets for petrolheads to get their hands on

Who doesn’t love a good gadget? Anything that can make life easier, simpler and cooler is always welcome, and there are plenty of options available today for the avid motorist. Available in all manner of shapes and sizes, the list of gadgets with a motoring theme is long and varied.

We’ve picked out some of the most exciting ones available this month.

Lego Jeep Wrangler – £44.99

Lego Jeep
The Lego Jeep Wrangler features fully functioning suspension

Okay, so a Lego kit isn’t exactly a gadget, but we still think this model qualifies for the list simply because of how impressive it is.

Designed to mimic a Wrangler Rubicon, it gets chunky off-road tyres and even articulated suspension.
Made up of 665 pieces, the Wrangler model will certainly help to brighten a dreary winter afternoon.

Nextbase 622GW – £219

Nextbase Dashcam
A dashcam can be a useful piece of technology to have to hand

The popularity of dashcams has grown immensely in recent years, particularly as courts have begun accepting footage captured on them in insurance cases.

The features they pack have increased too and Nextbase is one of the biggest names. Its 622GW films in clear 4K and incorporates what3words tech that can relay your co-ordinates within a 3m2 area should you be involved in an incident.

Handirack Inflatable Roof Bars – £70

The hadirack is a flexible load solution for a car’s roof

Need a set of roof bars but don’t want to go to the extent of fitting a full metal set? The Handirack could be the ideal option. It’s made up of two sets of ‘tubes’ that once inflated form a ‘rack’ you then attach to a car’s roof.

Once inflated via the included hand pump, fitting them takes under 10 minutes and you then use them much like a regular rack. It’s great for people who don’t want to fit a traditional system all the time, eg, surfboarders.

Defender Signal Blocker – £5

Key blocker pouch
A Faraday pouch blocks a key’s signals

Keyless vehicle theft is a real concern for motorists at the moment, with tech-savvy thieves finding ways to relay a wireless key’s signal and gain access to a car – all without the owner having any idea.

The solution is a Faraday pouch, which is based on the Faraday cage principle. The metal-lined pouch block a key’s signals, stopping thieves in their tracks. The Defender Signal Blocker is one of the best, and as a bonus, it’s only £5.

Seasucker Talon Bike Rack – £329.99

Seasucker Rack
The Seasucker talon allows you to affix a bike to all manner of cars

It might be pricey, but Seasucker’s Talon Bike Rack is an excellent way of transporting your bicycle if you don’t want to go down the conventional roof rack route.

Suction pads attach it to the roof of any vehicle, on to which you then place your bike. To take it off, you simply release the pressure on the suction mount and it pops free. Taking up barely any room, the Talon can handle mountain and road bikes and works on nearly every make and model.