Five games to replace Flappy Birds if you're feeling bereft

Britta O'Boyle
Five games to replace Flappy Birds if you're feeling bereft

Flappy Bird was touted as the "new Angry Birds" following its success as the top-selling game on both the App Store and Google Play for around a month, however its developer has now removed the game from the marketplaces.

To say it was addictive would be an understatement and it is bound to still be the subject of many conversation despite no longer being available, so for those that missed out, here are five alternatives to feed your addition.

Clumsy Bird - Android

Unlike Flappy Bird, Clumsy Bird gives you something to aim for rather than just medals. The bad dragons have stolen the Clumsy Bird's eggs and your job is to guide the Angry Bird look-alikes back to their eggs through the obstacles.

All you have to do is tap the screen to make the birds fly, but it is a lot easier said than done. Rather than pipes, you have tree trunks to contend with and you will find yourself playing for hours trying to win back those precious eggs.

Fly Birdie - iOS

Fly Birdie is almost an exact rip off of Flappy Bird, although you will get a slight change in scenery with a few palm trees introduced to the mix. Just like Flappy Bird, you need to tap the screen to make the bird fly, avoiding the obstacles, which are also pipes in Fly Birdie.

This is perhaps slightly less frustrating however, as you get three lives to start with so if you hit a pipe after getting through 20, you don't have to start completely from scratch.

A Bird's Life - Flappy Wings - Android

A Bird's Life - Flappy Wings adds a few more obstacles to avoid compared to Flappy Bird, but you won't get too confused as they are still pipes. It uses the same principal of tapping the screen to make the bird fly, but it's not clear if there is an end.

You need to cross all the pipes, try to stay calm and keep flapping the bird's wings to see where it will take you and how far you can go.

Ironpants - Android & iOS

If you want to take a step away from the bird theme then Ironpants could be right up your street. You'll need to control a flying man through the air instead, dressed in a similar outfit to Superman.

The obstacles have also seen a change compared to Flappy Bird, with boxes to avoid rather than pipes. One touch control, one hero and one goal - Ironpants has been described as harder than Flappy Bird so you might see an increase in blood pressure with this game.

Tiny Bird - Pebble

If playing on your smartphone isn't quite enough for you and you have a Pebble smartwatch, then Tiny Bird may be able to fulfill your needs. Rather than using your finger to tap and make the bird fly, you use the up button on the watch.

Tiny Bird is black and white, but it lets you have just as much fun and become as frustrated as Flappy Bird did, all from your wrist.

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