Five hi-tech stocking fillers for a geeky Christmas

Rob Waugh

Buying gifts for technology fans doesn't need to mean a £250 games console - or, even more ruinous, something made by Apple.

There are plenty of 'stocking filler' gifts for geeks, which are a little more interesting than the usual iPhone case -  the technology equivalent of buying socks.

Below are five of this year's best - including a whole computer for £22, and an e-reader for £60.

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Just Mobile Alupen Pro

Older geeks will fondly recall the days when the touchscreen in your pocket was your 'PDA' - and a stylus was de rigeur. The Alupen is like that, except it works on iOS devices. The Alupen has a soft rubber nib and works on iPhones (where it’s wasted) and iPads - where it’s absolutely brilliant.

Kobo Mini

This is an actual, proper e-reader, with a touchscreen, all for the price of a handful of hardbacks. It only has a five inch screen - so be prepared to read in two-sentence chunks.  Choosing new books is easy on a responsive touchscreen, but there are no physical buttons bar off/on, and the tiny format is very odd - like you're reading a Beatrix Potter book. Great value, though.

Angry Birds King Pig toy

'Appcessories' are one of the hot new toys of Christmas, with sales nearly tripling in the second half of this year, according to John Lewis. This is among the best of them - a giant green pig, which unlocks new game modes in Angry Birds when placed on screen of your iPad. Best of all is Total Destruction, where you rub the pig on screen to break scenery.

Raspberry Pi
From £22

This ultra-cheap computer looks like a circuit board - but should make any self-respecting geek's face light up on Christmas day. It plugs into any TV via HDMI, runs Linux, and is on track to sell a million by Christmas. The mini-computer is built to teach youngsters programming, and has a huge online fanbase to help in your quest to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Energenie ChargeGenie

This ‘charge bank’ will bring your iPhone back from death three times over. It's a huge 5000mAh battery with enough juice to save your smartphone (and you) from social demise up to three times, with six charger fittings for cameras, Androids and iPhones.