Five-month-old leopard cub rescued from deep well in western India

A leopard cub was pulled out of a deep well by rescue workers in western India's Maharashtra state.

The incident took place on November 17 in Pimplad village in the state's Nashik district, after villagers found the cub and immediately informed the forest department.

Visuals show the distressed feline sitting on top of a red wooden board, which was lowered by locals after they found the leopard inside the well.

Seeing it there, rescue team members lowered a cot as the leopard cub snarled defensively.

As the cot neared the platform, the feline jumped on it and it was eventually pulled out, before fleeing into the jungle.

Rescuers commented the leopard cub was estimated to be five months old, and may have ended inside the well after accidentally tripping and falling while crossing the area.

The rescue operation lasted for 30 minutes.