Five-year-old boy crushed to death at revolving restaurant in Atlanta

Chloe Chaplain
Accident: The boy was trapped in the revolving restaurant: Westin

A five-year-old boy has died after being crushed between a table and a wall at a revolving restaurant.

Charles Holt suffered serious injuries after getting his head stuck at the rotating Sun Dial restaurant in Atlanta.

Police said he had wandered off from his parents on Friday night and became trapped between furniture fixed to the rotating floor and a stationary wall.

The restaurant’s safety system stopped the floor rotating and staff freed Charles, who was from North Carolina, but he suffered crushing injuries to his head and died in hospital.

Warren Pickard, a spokesman for the Atlanta police department, said: “The kid was just wandering as kids will do.

“Somehow he found himself in a critical situation where he’s lodged in between the rotating floor and the wall.”

A representative for The Sun Dial told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper it would be closed until further notice.