Five puppies and young dogs looking for new homes

Some dogs really don't seem to have much luck. This week we've taken a look at five puppies and young dogs who are looking for a home despite their age.

With years ahead of them they've got lots of love to give. They're on the lookout for their perfect family where they can put their paws up for the rest of their days.

All the dogs featured are currently being cared for at Dogs Trust Kenilworth. For more information about any of the dogs featured, or any dogs in their care, visit the website.


Age: 6-12 months

Breed: Lakeland Terrier cross

What her carers say: “Hella is wonderful little girl who is full of energy. She is looking for a peaceful home where she can have access to lots of quiet walking areas away from too much hustle and bustle. She will need an adult home where she can be the only pet. Hella is a real whirlwind and shows lots of terrier traits, being so young she can also show mouthing behaviours and needs some guidance learning what is and isn't appropriate. She is a really clever girlie and LOVES investigating enrichment in our quieter areas of the centre, playing with snuffle mats and destruction boxes to sniff out lots of tasty treats. Hella's new family will need to be willing to spend time getting to know Hella and attending a few 1-2-1 sessions with out training team, who can guide you through all you need to know. Hella isn't a fan of other dogs and is learning how to wear her muzzle out and about on her walkies as she can become quite distressed when she sees them. For this reason she MUST have her own secure garden where she can safely play, explore and get out all her energy. She would love for her new family to take her to places like secure fields where she can zoom around and run!”


Age: 6-12 months

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

What his carers say: “Stephen is sweet but sensitive little dude who is finding kennel life quite overwhelming at the moment. He's looking for his forever home with a confident resident dog who can help him learn all about the world. He prefers calmer dogs of a similar size and is slowly learning that playing can be lots of fun! Stephen has has limited home experience so will likely need help with lots of things such as housetraining and how to be left on his own, so we recommend this is gradually built up. He will need his own secure garden where he can play and explore at his own pace. Stephen could share his home with children 12+ that can understand his worries and give him the space he might need.”


Age: 1-2 years

Breed: Border Collie

What his carers say: “Scooby is a lovely lad who is looking for a home that can keep him busy! We don't have much history for Scooby and it's likely he'll need some help settling into a home environment. He may need ongoing training with things like housetraining and any time being left should be gradually built up. He could live with older children of 16+ who will give him all the space he needs to settle in. Scooby can often find himself a little overwhelmed but our team will help you learn all about him! He LOVES toys and will play all day if you let him, he also really enjoys enrichment and puzzle feeders. As he's such a clever lad but due to medical needs he will need to be kept calm. He is not suitable for an overly active home. Scooby could live with another dog in his new home after another meet at the centre, he can be nervous of boisterous dogs and prefers quieter friends. Scooby would love his very own garden when he can sniff, zoom and most importantly play fetch.”


Age: 1-2 years

Breed: Border Collie cross

What her carers say: “Delightful little Margo is a sweet little lady who is on the search for her forever home. She loves people and is a real sweetheart. Margo will need a home with children 16+. She is an active girl and will need a home that will keep her both mentally and physically stimulated, she is super clever and LOVES to learn. Margo has been in a home before where she was housetrained and happy to be left, however after spending time back in a kennel environment it's likely she may need a bit of refresh! Margo could share her home with another dog, following a successful meeting here at the centre and although she loves dogs, she can be vocal and reactive out and about on her walkies so her new family will need to get involved in her training. Margo must have access to her own secure garden, where she can zoom around and play.”


Age: 1-2 years

Breed: Shar Pei cross

What his carers say: “Bowie is a sensitive sausage looking for an understanding home, who will give him time to settle and will be happy to continue his ongoing training. He asks for a adult only home with few visitors as he can find some situations overwhelming. He loves yummy and treats and a game of tug, this may help with his further training. He was previously housetraining and was good to be left for a few hours as long as he has somewhere comfy to snooze and is left with his favourite toys to play with. Bowie will need to be the only pet in the home- because he can get himself into a pickle when seeing other dogs he will need access to quieter walking areas, where he can feel relaxed exploring and gain in confidence. Bowie will need access to his own secure garden where he can zoom and play.”

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