Five ways to bring down your motoring expenses

Jack Evans, PA Motoring Reporter
·3-min read

After many months of strict lockdown measures and the ‘stay at home’ rule, life in parts of the UK is opening up. People have more freedom to travel and, as a result, will no doubt be using their cars more than before.

But with more vehicle use often comes higher costs. However, we’ve spoken to Euro Car Parts about some easy ways to bring down the cost of motoring. These simple and easy changes can make a big difference when it comes to cutting down motoring expenses.

Try to drive economically

Manual gearbox
Being efficient with your gearshifts can make a real difference

This is a good place to start. Learning how to drive a little more economically can have instant benefits by saving money on fuel. A good way to kick things off is by not overfilling your tank or driving with unnecessary weight in the car, as this can eat into your fuel efficiency.

Try and drive at a constant speed, too, rather than constantly accelerating or decelerating. Turning off your engine while you’re stationary will help, as will making sure you’re driving in the highest gear appropriate for your speed.

Opt for a more fuel-efficient car

Renault Captur PHEV
The plug-in hybrid setup mates a petrol engine with an electric battery and motor

Though switching cars might not be a viable option for all drivers, if you can make the switch then it’ll pay dividends. More recent models can return better fuel economy with lower emissions too, whole electric cars are exempt from road tax and are cheaper to maintain, too.

Though hybrids might still use petrol or diesel, the assistance of an electric motor does well to drive down fuel use. If you’re looking to save the most amount possible, Euro Car Parts suggests steering clear of four-wheel-drives, high-performance cars and older vehicles too.

Stay on top of maintenance

Car Tyre Stock
A car tyre in a garage

Unexpected repairs can cause a real dent in your finances, which is why it’s best to keep on top of your maintenance as much as possible. Regularly check over the tyres to make sure they’re in good condition and ensure that your oil and fluids are frequently checked too. If there’s anything out of the ordinary, always get it looked over by a trained mechanic.

You should keep your car serviced on time, too, and make sure that any potential issues are spotted and addressed as soon as possible to prevent more bills in the long-term.

Try to bring down insurance costs

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Issue date: Monday March 29, 2021.

If you are looking to change cars, then it could be worth opting for a model in a lower insurance group to drive down the cost of your premiums. Trim levels, engine size and other factors all change how much you’ll pay for cover, so research ahead of time.

You should also use a price comparison site to shop around for the best deal, while paying for insurance in one lump sum rather than through monthly payments can save even more money.

Plan ahead

Kia XCeed
A large central screen houses key media and navigation functions

Planning your journeys is a great way to save money on fuel while also making your trips more enjoyable. Setting off earlier will help you to avoid traffic jams which will, in turn, result in lower fuel usage.

Helen Robinson, corporate communications director for Euro Car Parts, said: “Owning a car is a significant financial commitment, so it’s perfectly reasonable that many drivers will want to reduce the amount they spend per month on it.

“The good news is that there are many ways you can lower your payments, with everything from economic and sensible driving to making the most of road tax and insurance discounts, allowing you to pay less for your car.”