Flames and Smoky Haze Fill Sky as Australian Firefighters Document Currowan Fire

Nearly 100 fires continued to burn across New South Wales, Australia, as of December 23, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) said.

The NSW RFS said 94 fires were burning in New South Wales, with 58 of them uncontained. But firefighters said they would take advantage of “easing conditions” on Tuesday as they worked to improve containment lines and tried to prevent fires from spreading.

This video shows a firefighting vehicle driving down Braidwood Road in Shoalhaven — surrounded by an orange haze — approaching a blaze. The NSW RFS said the video was taken near the Currowan and Tianjara fires.

Local media reported that the once-separate fires merged and continued to burn along New South Wales’s southeast coast from Batemans Bay to Nowra. The merged fire was now referred to solely as the Currowan fire, the NSW RFS said.

The blaze was labeled as “advice,” indicating “no immediate danger” but still urging residents to stay informed, according to the fire service.

The NSW RFS said on Saturday there was still a “significant risk” to communities on the South Coast. Credit: NSW RFS – Riverina Zone via Storyful