This 'flamingo'/'flamenco' debacle on 'Wheel of Fortune' is an all-time great game show gaffe

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Apparently, the difference between “flamenco” and “flamingo” is exactly $7,100.

On Monday night on Wheel of Fortune, contestant Jonny had the answer to the puzzle “Flamenco Dance Lessons.” All he had to do was say it out loud, but unfortunately, he mispronounced “flamenco” as “flamingo.” Host Pat Sajak called it wrong, which led another contestant, Ashley, to swoop in for the easy bucket.

With a furrowed brow and a face full of confusion, Jonny’s baffled reaction resonated with viewers at home who tweeted about the mishap.

And while he might have missed out on a fabulous trip to Spain (Ashley was awarded that by getting the “flamenco” puzzle right), Jonny later redeemed himself — first, with a puzzle that seemed wildly ironic, given his previous mistake. He correctly answered “What just happened?” which caused Sajak to giggle gleefully.

But as the ultimate feat of redemption, Jonny ended up winning the episode, earning $19,050 in cash. That’s more than enough for some real-life flamenco dance lessons.

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