Flash Flooding Muddies Seawater Off Maui Island's Coast

Residents in Haiku, Hawaii, were ordered to evacuate the area on Monday, March 8, as heavy rainfall inundated the region.

Video shared by Instagram user @gunsmaui on Tuesday shows seawater turning into a muddy brown color as floodwaters wash off the shore.

County of Maui officials continued to assess the aftermath of the flood on Tuesday after announcing the destruction of Peahi Bridge and heavy damage to Kaupakalua Bridge along with at least half a dozen homes.

Haiku’s Kaupakalua dam – which was thought to be failing – did not suffer any structural damage upon closer inspection, Maui county officials announced on the Monday. Residents in the vicinity and downstream of the dam were still prohibited from entering the area as of the Tuesday.

A flash flood warning and flood advisory remained in effect for regions of the Big Island as of the Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service said. Credit: @gunsmaui via Storyful