Flat turns into pigsty after tenant uses it for sex shows: more than 1,200 pounds damage

An online model shocked her landlord after using the apartment for sex shows and leaving it like a pigsty. Owner Minny Fran, 20, was horrified when she found her one-bedroom unit strewn with rubbish and sex toys on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, on September 23. Garbage started from the front door's corridor towards the living room. Used clothes were scattered all over the room. The kitchen was filled with food scraps and rotten ingredients. The bathroom was packed with undergarments and blood stains were also found in the bedroom. Minny says she went into the room after not having any contact with the tenant for more than a month. She is now desperate for her to return her calls and pay for the cleaning bill. Minny said: "The most terrifying part is the fridge. It stank really bad and there were worms everywhere. When I entered, the kitchen tap was still left open. There was also a used dildo placed on top of the mattress. I am beyond shocked. The model had more than 70k followers on Instagram and Twitter. She was pretty. I see online she has a big male fanbase". The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, rented the room for 5,000 Thai baht (123 pounds) a month with a contract of six months and a one-month deposit. During the first three months of her stay, she paid the rent on time and sometimes even paid early. But in August, she informed the owner that she had lost the keycard. Minny said: "I told her that we should both meet up so a new key card could be issued, but she never responded. She refused to pay the full amount and gave excuses that she couldn't enter the room. I lost contact with her on August 25. I also found that she had not been paying for the electricity bill". Minny said she had to pay a cleaning fee of more than 2,000 THB (49 pounds) and the cost of the damage done to her property is more than 50,000 THB (1,233 pounds) as the floor, wall, and furniture had also been damaged by the filth. Samrong Nuea Police Station has been informed about the incident and will coordinate with the tenant's relative if she remains uncontactable.