Flesh and Blood: ‘Confused’ viewers have a lot of questions after ‘disappointing’ series finale

The characters in ITV's new drama Flesh and Blood: ITV
The characters in ITV's new drama Flesh and Blood: ITV

Flesh and Blood came to an end on ITV last night (27 February), but many viewers were left “confused” and “disappointed” by its finale.

The drama, which has aired for the past four nights, has kept people guessing about who was attacked at Vivien’s (Francesca Annis) flat.

In the final episode, we discovered that Mark (Stephen Rea) was the person who was injured. On the balcony, Jake (Russell Tovey) got into a drunken row with Mark that was so tense it caused Vivien to faint.

Her children rushed to her aid and shoved Mark away as he tried to help her, causing him to snap and attack Jake. Helen (Claudie Blakley) and Natalie (Lydia Leonard) ran onto the balcony and the three siblings appeared to push Mark off the edge.

Mary (Imelda Staunton) then ordered the children to call an ambulance while she went downstairs to secretly (and unsuccessfully) attempt to suffocate him.

Many viewers were not impressed with the series finale.

“Not really a twist that Mary was a psycho seeing as she’d been steaming open her neighbour’s mail and helping herself to stuff around the house. Disappointed,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Disappointing ending... big build up and predictable ending... is that It?” said another.

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Before the first series aired, showrunner Sarah Williams hinted that Flesh And Blood could return for a second run, saying: “There is further meat on the bone.

"I love these characters, I did get very attached to all of them and I would love to follow all of their stories. But I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We have to see if anyone watches this first.”