Flesh-Eating Mosquito Bites Can Now Leave You Looking Like A ZOMBIE

Getting a mosquito bite is never the most comfortable of things but now they have the potential to leave you looking more like a zombie than a human being.


Sufferers will only notice a typical bite mark to begin with - but it develops into a wound after a few months before bacteria starts to eat away at the flesh.

Known as the Bairnsdale ulcer, the wound can leave people with zombie-like skin which can lead to amputation of limbs in extreme cases, according to Ten News.

Zombie-like: Jan Smith’s foot developed an ulcer on her foot from a mosquito bite (Ten News)

The nasty bug is on the rise in Australia, with tens of thousands of people across states like Queensland and Victoria at risk.

Jan Smith, who developed the ulcer on her foot while carrying out mountain climbing training, revealed just how deep the wound goes.

She told theage.com: “It just kept getting bigger and bigger.

”It was bright red and like a sock full of fluid.

Flesh-eating: Sufferers develop a wound around four months after being bitten (Wikipedia)

"I couldn’t sleep for the pain. My husband said ‘I want to throw up because I see your bone’.”

It is believed the bug is spreading through possums bitten by mosquitos and in turn infecting humans.

Fortunately the ulcer can be treated if it is caught early and is typically spread in countries with tropical climates.

Top pic: Ten News

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