Fleur East rubs a memory ring for her late dad before each Strictly dance

Fleur East signed up for 'Strictly Come Dancing' for her late dad credit:Bang Showbiz
Fleur East signed up for 'Strictly Come Dancing' for her late dad credit:Bang Showbiz

Fleur East touches her sentimental ring made from her late father's band before every 'Strictly' dance.

The 'X Factor' alum has revealed the touching pre-show rituals she has before taking to the dancefloor on the BBC One Latin and ballroom show.

She said of the memory ring she wears for her dad Malcolm: "It's a special ring that me and my sister got made from my father's ring after he passed away. So that's one ritual that I have, is that I always have to like, just touch my ring on my finger just before we perform."

She added while speaking with RadioTimes.com: "I have to see my family, that's a big one. I have to spot them in the crowd."

Fleur recently revealed she received a psychic message from her late parent before the 'Strictly' launch show.

The 35-year-old star - who lost her dad in 2020 - received a special message from him via her cousin, who visited a medium.

She said before the launch: "In 72 hours I’ll be dancing live for the first time and it’s really exciting but something really weird has happened to me ahead of the 'Strictly' weekend.

"On Sunday I had a message from one of my cousins who had been to see a medium – people that speak to the spirit world.

"Now I’ve never gone to a medium because I do believe in it and I’m quite scared about going because I never wanted to test it. But my cousin went and this happened…"

The 'Sax' hitmaker then played a voice note from her cousin in which the medium claimed she was communicating with a spirit called Malcolm, whose daughter "sings and dances".

The medium added: "His daughter is about to start something, she’s about to start an adventure as he’s calling it. He says to tell her I’m so proud of her and give her all the luck in the world."

Reflecting on the message, Fleur admitted it was "eerie" but "really comforting".

She said: "So my Dad passed away in 2020, his name was Malcolm and apparently he came through and wished me good luck ahead of Strictly.

"Is that not really weird? It’s eerie but it’s really comforting as well.

"Leading up to Strictly has been so nerve-racking and I’ve been so anxious and not having my Dad here for the first time before something so big in my life is huge. So to get a message like that is the setup I needed before the big weekend."

Fleur and her dance partner Vito Coppola are set to perform a spooktacular salsa to Beyoncé's 'Break My Soul' on tonight's (29.10.22) show, which kicks off at 6.50pm on BBC One.