'I flew 7,000 miles to meet a stranger on Tinder - we fell in love and have welcomed our first child'

A woman flew 7,000 miles to Hawaii to meet a stranger after matching with him on Tinder in the airport - and they fell in love and have since welcomed their first child.

American Brady Elliot, 25, was flying home to Hawaii after a trip to Ireland when he matched on the dating app with local resident, Clodagh O’Sullivan, 22, in July 2019.

The pair started exchanging messages in August 2019 and spent hours FaceTiming each other - and said they felt an 'instant connection' with one another.

After three months of chatting on the phone, Brady convinced Clodagh to fly to Hawaii in November 2019 to meet in person - where he was stationed as navy marine medic.

The couple said it was 'love at first sight' when they first lay eyes on each other, and Clodagh returned to spend Christmas and New Year with his family, where he's from, in Florida, USA.

They made things official and during a trip to Jamaica and USA in October 2020 - where Clodagh fell pregnant - and the Brady moved to Dingle, Ireland in December 2020.

The loved-up couple welcomed their son, Jamie Elliot, on 23rd July 2021, and are now happily living together in Ireland after their chance encounter.

Clodagh, a bartender from Dingle, Ireland, said: “Never in a million years did I think I would fall in love and start a family after accepting that Tinder message.

“I nearly talked myself out of going to meet him.

“For all I knew, he was some 80-year-old man catfishing me.

“But I'm so glad I booked the flight and took the punt. As soon as we met, I knew he was the one.”