'Watch: Moment Jet Airways hostess is arrested for smuggling $500,000 from India under her shoes and make-up'


A flight attendant in India has been arrested after she allegedly tried to smuggle almost $500,000 (£370,000) out of the country in cash.

$100 bills were found stacked in wads when authorities searched the baggage of 25-year-old Devshi Kulshreshtha, who had concealed the cash below cosmetics and shoes.

Video footage released by authorities shows the stacks of notes being removed from their foil wrappers, which Kulshreshtha had used in a bid to evade the x-ray scanner.

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials arrested the air hostess after officials intercepted a Jet Airways flight that was due to leave Delhi for Hong Kong at 2am on Monday.

Devshi Kulshreshtha concealed the cash in foil wrappers (Newsflare)
Devshi Kulshreshtha concealed the cash in foil wrappers (Newsflare)

She was arrested and appeared in court yesterday, with DRI officials confirming that a staggering $480,200 was found in her possession.

It is believed that Kulshreshtha was working with a man from New Delhi called Amit Malhotra, who ran an extensive money smuggling network.

A staggering $480,200 was found in her possession. (Newsflare)
A staggering $480,200 was found in her possession. (Newsflare)

He would collect money from bullion dealers in Delhi and sent it abroad through Kulshreshtha, before it was returned to India in the form of gold.

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Malhotra has also been arrested, and the DRI reportedly suspects that other crew members of Jet Airways are likely to have been involved in the smuggling racket.

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