In-flight brawls erupts between passengers on Chinese flight

Two passengers got into a physical altercation on a flight from Lijiang to Hefei in China. The incident occurred while the plane was flying at an altitude of 10,000 metres. Video footage shows the passengers pulling and hitting each other while others on the plane tried to intervene. Flight attendants attempted to calm the situation and continuously reminded the passengers that fighting at 10,000 metres was too dangerous. According to a witness, the conflict started when one of the passengers in the rear seat pressed her knees against the front seat, and the passenger in the front seat repeatedly asked her to stop, eventually leading to a physical altercation. The airline said that the dispute was resolved with the assistance of security personnel and cabin crew, and the passengers involved had exchanged seats. The airline has reserved the right to hold them accountable for endangering public safety. The video was filmed on April 29 and provided with local media’s permission.