Flip phones are making a comeback as everyone gets sick of social media

Samsung’s W2018 (Samsung)
Samsung’s W2018 (Samsung)

Young people are making a conscious decision to turn their backs on hi-tech smartphones – and going back to Nineties-style flip phones instead.

The sturdy, cheap devices are being bought almost as a ‘protest’ against the endless alerts from social media apps.

Celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Kim Kardashian have been pictured with the devices – and one feature described flip phones as ‘the new vinyl.’

Relaunched phone such as the Binatone Blade (which looks much like Motorola’s hit RAZR) launched in the wake of the success of relaunched handsets such as Nokia’s 3310.


Speaking to the Seattle Times, Roman Cochet, 30, said he’d switched from a smartphone to a cheap ‘flip’ phone and it had revolutionised his life.

Cochet said, ‘With a smartphone, you spend so much time texting, talking, in constant communication, that you don’t have time to do anything else.

‘I’m way more focused now on what I’m doing. I’m less distracted.’

In the Far East, the handsets have made a major comeback – and analysts have said that they could be due for a comeback in Europe, as people tire of iPhone-style models.

Samsung makes devices in Korea with fingerprint scanning, wireless charging and tap-to-pay.

Adele appeared holding one in her hit video for Hello – and stars such as Rihanna and Vogue’s Anna Wintour have been pictured with the gadgets.

Tech analysts Gartner predicted there could be a comeback in Western Europe soon.

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