This flirtatious interview clip has fans in awe of SZA's game

Amelia Dimoldenberg; SZA
Amelia Dimoldenberg; SZA

Fans are praising SZA's game after a recent interview took a flirtatious—and audacious—turn.

The "Kill Bill" singer sat down with comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg as part of her Chicken Shop Date interview series. As the title suggests, each episode features Dimoldenberg sitting down with someone to conduct an interview framed as a date at a chicken shop. The conversations are regularly playful with pivots to amusing awkwardness, and her time with SZA certainly fit the bill.

In a clip making the rounds across social media, Dimoldenberg tells SZA that one of her goals for the year is to "get more bendy," something the singer immediately clocks as sexual. But Dimoldenberg continues to play things, erm, straight.

"I want to be able to do the splits," she says. "And maybe I'd also like to put my leg by my ear. Could that happen?"

"You need a catalyst. Like, somebody to do it for you," SZA tells her, subsequently escalating things flawlessly by suggesting the use of a strap-on.

The two were clearly on different wave-lengths at that point, but the back-and-forth is both flirty and hilarious enough to warrant a watch for yourselves.

The clip had folks snapping to attention as it spread across social media over the past couple days. Many took specific note of SZA's game, and ruminated on how they would definitely have kept things moving along in the direction she was taking things had they been in Dimoldenberg's seat.

Although Dimoldenberg ultimately claimed she mentioned wanting to be able to put her leg by her ear simply because she "thought it'd be cool, like a party trick," the internet may never let her forget that there was a better use of it, right there.