Flood warnings: What to do in the event of a flood

Rebecca Lewis

This summer not only set a number of Olympic and Paralympic records, but it was also the wettest summer in 100 years.  With rain and the danger of flooding set to continue into the Christmas period, Yahoo! have put together a few tips to help navigate the flood season.

Be prepared

Think about what you can move before flooding and what needs to be moved in the event of a serious flood;

Consider who you can ask for help, or if you may need to help vulnerable neighbours and family members during a flood;

Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies;

Keep a flood kit with copies of home insurance documents, medication, first aid blankets, torch and spare batteries, mobile phone chargers, bottled water and non-perishable items in a safe and easily accessible place;

Think about where you can go if you need to evacuate - and how you will get there.

Protect your property

Your local council may provide sandbags or alternatively make your own with pillowcases and earth - be aware after the flood that they will be contaminated by sewage in the water;

Fix floodboards to frames around windows and doors;

Be aware of flood alerts and warnings in your area and keep up to date with local changes.

During floods

Avoid walking or driving through flood water;

Keep to high ground;

Don't touch electrical sources while standing in water;

Secure your pets and young children;

Stay in a safe place with an exit;

In an emergency, call 999;

If you have left your home during the flood only return when it is safe to do so and be wary - flood water may have caused structural damage to your property.

Visit the Environment Agency for more details and news of alerts and warnings in your area.