Florida Cop Smashes Window to Save Baby Stuck Inside Locked SUV

A police officer in Stuart, Florida, saved a baby girl locked inside an SUV by smashing the vehicle’s window with a hammer – as seen in bodycam footage sent to Storyful on August 15.

The Stuart Police Department provided this video, which shows Officer Kyle Osinga shattering and removing a car window, then quickly unlocking the car.

According to local media, the infant’s mother, Christina Tuffords, called the police and On-Star vehicle security company for help after she realized she’d accidentally locked daughter Maddie in her car, along with her keys.

Tuffords’s On-Star account had expired, and the operator told her the company was unable to unlock the vehicle as it didn’t have a connection available for the car. Officer Osinga then stepped in to help.

An onlooker gave the officer a hammer, which he used to break the window and open the car. Tuffords rushes to tend to Maddie and remove her from the vehicle.

Tuffords said that Maddie was okay after the ordeal, but she reminded parents that doors can lock automatically in a vehicle that has a remote-start function. Credit: Stuart Police Department via Storyful