Florida man arrested by police for holding cane

A Florida sheriff’s department is investigating a stop after video went viral of two deputies seemingly arresting a senior with a cane for no reason.According to arresting documents, deputies in Columbia County saw James “Jim” Hodges, 61, cross a street despite a crosswalk indicator telling him to wait, then stopped him when they spotted a metal object they thought was a weapon in his back pocket. (Mr Hodges, who says he’s legally blind, carries a foldable metal cane for help walking).Police body camera footage obtained by Mr Hodges and posted on his YouTube channel shows what happens next.An officer, later identified in an affidavit as Deputy Jayme Gohde, asks the 61-year-old what’s in his pocket“It’s a navigational aid, what’s the problem, are you a tyrant?” Mr Hodges says.Columbia County Sheriff’s Office