Florida Man Films His Viral Reaction to Election

A Florida man created a funny video that captured his thoughts on how Americans and the rest of the world acted on Election Day.

Jerome Stone self-recorded a viral TikTok video which compared Americans to the rest of the world when waiting on the election result.

In the videos that are labelled as “Americans on Election Day”, Stone can be seen packing up luggage, drawing the sign of a cross on his chest when watching the election news broadcast and pointing a toy gun while hiding in his bathroom. Meanwhile, the character that Stone shows in “the rest of the world watching” is calmer, is drinking wine and enjoying pancakes.

Stone told Storyful that he created the video thinking of how everyone is waiting to see the results and worrying about possible riots after the election.

“There are talks of… how people are in fear of the outcome,” Stone told Storyful. Credit: Jerome Stone via Storyful