Florida Man Gets Shock From Lightning Strikes a Few Feet Away

Lightning bolts struck a car wash in Fernandina Beach, Florida, on September 8, shocking a man who narrowly avoided a direct hit.

This video, captured by security cameras from James Mabe’s car wash business, shows him running for cover after avoiding several lightning bolts.

Mabe told Storyful he was exiting the building to turn off equipment at the car wash. It was then that a bolt struck a nearby metal grate, sending a shock wave of electricity in his direction.

“I received a shock when it hit the grate, traveling electricity through my left leg. But no major injuries occurred, just some soreness afterward,” Mabe said. “I saw the other bolts coming toward me and I tried to act quickly as possible to get out of the way into a dry place.” Credit: James Mabe via Storyful

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