Florida man impersonating police officer pulls over undercover detective

Chris Riotta
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Florida man impersonating police officer pulls over undercover detective

A Florida man pretending to be a police officer was arrested after attempting to pull over an undercover detective.

Matthew Erris was arrested on charges he impersonated a public officer when he flipped on red and blue lights attached to his SUV in Plant City, Florida.

The 26-year-old was reportedly attempting to get through traffic and pass the car in front of him, which happened to be an unmarked police vehicle operated by an undercover detective.

Rather than pulling over, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s detective called dispatchers who then had deputies track down Mr Erris.

After unknowingly attempting to pull over the detective, he was booked at the Hillsborough County jail where he posted $2,000 bail.

Mr Erris, who reportedly works as a senior dismantler at a salvage yard, told the actual authorities he installed systems similar to that of police vehicles in order to cut through traffic.

He was driving a white 2007 Chevrolet when the incident occurred, according to a police report.

That report said the lights were used “to convey the appearance of a law enforcement officer and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.”

Mr Erris turned on the lights at an intersection while behind the unmarked police car, before eventually merging into the middle lane and passing the detective, the Tampa Bay Times reported.