Florida Sheriff's Office Jokes It's Overrun by Jobless Stormtroopers on May 4

A Florida Sheriff’s Office appealed for new pilots after they joked that they had become inundated by jobless galactic stormtroopers following the destruction of the Death Star, in footage posted on May 4, aka Star Wars Day.

In the video, Bryan Smith, Chief Pilot at Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, holds interviews with the unemployed Star Wars characters, saying they have a good work ethic but seem too attached to their suits.

One is seen telling Smith that he always wanted to be a TIE-fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy before the Death Star was destroyed and that he’s come to him to fulfill his dream.

Alongside the video Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office wrote that “there is always hope…ing that we get a Dundie for this,” in reference to awards handed out in the TV show The Office. Credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript


- Hey, but there another one here.

- Yeah, there's a lot.

BRYAN SMITH: Another one?


We've had a lot of these guys showing up lately. After their Death Star blew up, some of them arrived here. They've been looking for work. They do pretty well for the most part. There's a little bit of retraining.

- No no no no no no no no no no. This one goes here. That one goes there, right?

- Right.

BRYAN SMITH: Hey, how are you doing? Come on in. Hey, why don't you go ahead and have a seat?

- Yes, sir.

BRYAN SMITH: You know what? Don't worry about it. I've interviewed enough of you guys. This will be quick.

As far as the uniforms, they seem very attached to the uniform. I don't know if they can see the instrument panel.


- We can kind of see out the corner of my left eye.

BRYAN SMITH: How we provide service to the community seems to be a little bit different than what they're used to from their previous employer.

- After school, I joined the Imperial Navy because I wanted to be a pilot, a TIE fighter pilot. But they blow up the Death Star and ruined my chance to be a pilot.

BRYAN SMITH: I've heard the story. I've heard the story. And once you get to know them, they're pretty decent folk. They have good personalities. It's not like they're clones or anything. They seem to have a good sense of community and work together very well. There's definitely a lot of training they've had on teamwork

- I think I'm a quick learner. I'm a much better pilot than I am shot.

BRYAN SMITH: Oh OK. Good. Thank God.

- And as you could tell by my face, I'm ecstatic to be here.

BRYAN SMITH: I can see that.

I wasn't so sure how it would work out. But as I get to know them more, I think that there's a new hope for what's ahead of us.